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When are sprinklers required under building regulations?

BS9251:2021 was introduced in June 2021

BS9251:2021, Fire sprinkler systems for domestic and residential occupancies — Code of practice, covers design, installation, components, water supplies, maintenance and testing of residential sprinkler systems installed for the purpose of reducing risk to
life and minimizing the spread of fire

The 2021 standard is a full revision and replaces the 2014 standard. The Following are the main changes to the standard:

New Category 4

Introduction of a fourth category of system to cater for taller residential buildings (greater than
18 m) and higher risk scenarios.

Monitored Isolation Valves

All Isolation Valves on a sprinkler system should be electronically monitored to ensure the valve is in the fully open position

Enhanced Water Supply

Category 4 Systems and other situations as dictated require an enhanced water supply including two pumps, split tanks and back up power supplies

Revised Sprinkler Coverage

Increased Duration

Non Residential Areas

The New Standard revises the areas where sprinklers are not required providing further detail. A Main Change is that sprinklers are required in cupboards of any size that contain or are ready for electrical equipment excluding a single light fittings

Category 4 systems require a 60 minute duration of the water supply compared to 30 minutes for a Category 2 and 3 system

Guidance on how to provide suitable coverage to non residential and ancillary areas of predominantly residential buildings such as bin stores, plantrooms, small offices and retail areas

React 4 Group can provide a dedicated Sprinkler Monitoring system to new or existing sprinkler systems which meets the alarm and fault signal requirements of BS9251:2021.

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