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Domestic and Residential Sprinkler Systems

Discreet Concealed sprinkler systems providing compliance with BS9251 suitable for houses, apartments, high rise, care homes and student accomodation

Fire Sprinkler Specialists

React 4 Group are FIRAS third party accredited in the Design, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Domestic and Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems in accordance with BS9251

The systems we provide are suitable for the following:




High Rise Apartments

Student Accommodation

Care Homes

Bed & Breakfast



BS9251:2021 has replaced the old standard BS9251:2014 - find out about the changes


Sprinkler systems have demonstrated their value in protecting life and property in industrial and
commercial applications for many years. The advent of sprinklers that operate at an earlier stage in
the development of a fire, plus the recognition that the largest numbers of deaths from fire occur in
the home, have led to the introduction of sprinkler systems specifically designed for domestic and
residential occupancies.

A correctly designed and installed sprinkler system can detect and control a fire at an early stage of
development and activate an alarm. Operation of the sprinkler system rapidly reduces the rate of
production of heat and smoke, allowing more time for the occupants to escape to safety or be rescued.

Sprinkler systems can also assist firefighters in carrying out search and rescue operations by limiting
fire development, which significantly reduces the risks to firefighters.

Reduces heat and smoke production

Reduces Property damage by 90%

Reduces Injuries by 80%

Uses 5% of water compared to a Firemans Hose

How does a sprinkler work?

There are many myths about how a sprinkler system works, mainly caused by the dramatic activations in Hollywood movies! Find out how a sprinkler works.

When is a sprinkler required?

Fire Sprinklers are required under building regulations in certain circumstances, find out when these are required.

Facts and Myths

Will all sprinklers go off at once? Will the sprinkler cause lots of damage? Find answers to common Myths and FAQ's

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