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Electrical Monitoring of Isolation Valves in a Residential Sprinkler System is a requirement of BS9251:2021

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The aim of monitoring sprinkler systems is the continuous supervision of the main functions of the system, i.e. those whose failure might impair the correct automatic operation of the system in case of fire, and the raising of a supervisory alarm to allow corrective measures to be taken.

Sprinkler Monitoring

BS 9251:2021; Table 5, sets out the required items to be monitored, these are:

  • Pump – Automatic test cycle failure.

  • Pump – Power failure.

  • Pump running.

  • Tank – low water level alarm.

  • Zone stop valve not fully open.

  • All other dedicated sprinkler stop valves.

  • Trace heating system fault.

  • Supervised circuits fault.

In addition to the items described in Table 5, it is important that all flow switches are also monitored. It may be the case that these form part of the Fire Detection System, so are monitored for activation on that system.


If the building does not have a dedicated fire alarm system for the communal areas, it’s important for the flow switches to be monitored by another system. FloWatch 9251 is perfectly suited for this application.

Want to monitor your sprinkler system remotely?

Our sprinkler monitoring systems can be viewed via a web browser anywhere in the world!


Our Services





React 4 Group Ltd can design, supply, install and commission a bespoke monitoring system for your sprinkler system that meets the requirements of BS9251:2021. We are a FloWatch approved installer with a team of experienced installers. Our in house design team will produce wiring schematics and layout plans for your system plus a technical submission. Our monitoring systems can accompany the sprinkler system installed by us, or by others. 

If you are looking to upgrade your existing system to incorporate monitoring to ensure your system is ready to operate when required then we can organise a site survey and recommend an carry out any changes which are required to allow electrical monitoring of isolation valves. 

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

By Text

By Email

Our Sprinkler Monitoring systems come complete with an optional sim card which if opted for can provide the client with remote monitoring of their sprinkler system. An alert will be raised via email and text in the event of an alarm or fault occurrence allowing them to take immediate action. 

The client can log onto the remote monitoring platform via a web browser on any device and will be able to see the current status of all items of equipment, plus a log of all previous events.


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