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Experts in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of Dry and Wet Risers

Specialists in Wet & Dry Riser

React 4 Group design, supply, install, test and commission dry or wet risers systems to meet British Standards namely BS9990:2015, BS9991, BS9999 and Approved Document B (Fire Safety) of the Building Regulations (England & Wales).

A dry or wet riser is an essential system within a building which aids the fire brigade in fighting a fire. It is of the upmost importance that the system is designed, installed, commissioned and regularly serviced. Using React 4 Group will ensure that your system is compliant. 

What is a Wet or Dry Riser?


 a system of valves and pipe work which enables the fire service to pump water onto upper floors of a building

wet riser.png

a system of valves and pipe work which is kept permanently charged with water, generally utilising pumps and tanks.

When are Wet and Dry Risers required?

Dry Risers are an essential part of any building design where the height of the building exceeds 18 metres from the fire brigade access level to the top floor.  They are also required where there are floors more than 10 metres below ground. Dry Risers can be used where the top storey is upto 50M above ground floor level. Above 50M a Wet Riser must be used. 

A Wet Riser can be used below 50M however in most circumstances it is more cost effective to use a dry riser in these scenarios. 


Dry & Wet Riser Regulations

Approved Document B in England provides the following:

approved doc b.png
1014-rdc003-vertical-inlet-full-cabinet-for-dry-riser-red (1).jpg
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