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Mechanical Smoke Ventilation Systems

Mechanical Smoke Ventilation Shafts can be provided as an alternative to Natural Ventilation for protecting the means of escape in residential buildings and for fire fighting access in commercial , retail and public buildings. 

React 4 Group can provide bespoke mechanical smoke ventilation system including the following types of system:

Mechanical Extract with Natural Air Inlet

Mechanical "Push Pull" Systems 

Pressurisation Systems

Environmental Ventilation


System Components

Mechanical Smoke Extract Fan

Smoke Extract Fans

The Smoke Extract Fans by React 4 Group are pre-fabricated off site and delivered to site as a complete "POD." Saving installation time on site and reducing time our engineers are working at height, our smoke extract fans are fully compliant with BS EN 12101-3 and come complete with duty / standby twin fans with Auto Changeover in the event of a failure of the mains supply.  

Smoke Corridor Damper

Lobby Ventilator

Stairwell Vent

Our Multi Compartment Smoke Fire Dampers are fully compliant with BS EN 12101-8 with motor open motor close 24V DC Actuator with a fully open time of less than 30 seconds. Designed and certified for use in Builders Work Shafts our dampers come in a range of sizes to suit nearly all applications.

A Louvre Automatic Opening Vent fully compliant with BS EN 12101-2 are the perfect solution for ventilating the stairwell and can be used to provide make up air in some configurations utilising either reverse swung corridor doors or our high temperature door opener. Less effected by turbulent wind than a traditional Roof Hatch the Louvre meets Part P requirements and can be mill finished or Powder Coated to a suitable RAL colour.

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