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React 4 Group can provide planned preventative and Reactive Maintenance Packages for the following fire safety systems:

Domestic and Residential Sprinklers

Smoke Ventilation Systems

Wet Risers

Dry Risers


React 4 Group can provide a dedicated Sprinkler Monitoring system to new or existing sprinkler systems which meets the alarm and fault signal requirements of BS9251:2021.


Our Maintenance Packages are tailored to meet your exact requirements. Whether its six monthly / annual checks in compliance with British Standards, or you require a more tailored package including weekly / monthly checks carried out by our engineers, React 4 Group can create a package to match your requirements


PPM stands for Planned Preventive Maintenance, more commonly referred to as simply planned maintenance or scheduled maintenance. It is a proactive approach to maintenance in which maintenance work is scheduled to take place regularly and consequently documented once it has taken place. 

PPM maintenance is designed to help maximise and maintain the value of your property or asset by helping it to operate efficiently, in full working order and as safely as possible, for as long as possible

Reactive Maintenance

A reactive maintenance strategy allows only for making repairs following a failure. On one hand, reactive maintenance allows for higher utilisation and output in the short term. On the other hand, the expense of repairs will normally end up costing more than is gained from increased utilisation in the long run. At the point of failure, costs may be higher to repair, and consequential damage may also have occurred

One Contract, No Hassle

When signing up for a multiyear PPM contract with React 4 Group, as an added benefit all our clients get a reduced rate on any reactive maintenance required during the contract period. We also provide guaranteed next day call out for our contracted clients in the event of a system failure. Our contracts provide complete peace of mind, 365 days a year 24 hours a day. 




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